Workstations that enhance productivity, and mitigate fatigue.

Nova-Link Limited has been in continuous operation since 1983.

Series 7.0 is our latest product release (patents pending).
It takes advantage of small form factor CPU’s and sophisticated electric lift systems to provide workstation configurations with motorized multi zone desk tops that enhance the human interface and enable the user-operator to-see-hear-and-be-seen™.

Series 7.0 offers Bifma® travel that is conducive for special needs such as wheel chairs.

The combination of the base bench structure and modular desk top facilitate passive heat dissipation free of electric fans.

The materials and components are of premium quality.

The robust construction is ideal for lean customers who can’t afford down time

NLpcf®™ provides factory direct support and made to order manufacturing (for project specific details, dimensions, finishes and retrofits)

Monitor Zones

Accomodate up to three, height adjustable, monitor zones.

Equipment Cooling

Able to cool multiple CPU's.


Access for special needs.


Ergonomic upgrades for existing 3rd party systems.


Height adjustable conference table.


Able to hold substantial amount of equipment.

Parametric Contract Furniture
from Nova-Link Limited.