All Legacy-product™ continues to be available.

The NovaLink™ cad/cam manufacturing process enables expansions with compatible finishes and details and/or modifications for new technology.

Legacy-product™ Dual Zone

Linear ‘beam / frame’ console - Height adjustable with multiple articulating features.

Model reference number: 5099-P0003-0202

Legacy-product™ Dual Zone

Arced ‘beam / frame’ console (with acoustic panels) - Height Adjustable.

Model reference number: 5099-P0002-7164

Legacy-product™ Single Zone

Oscar-1 and Oscar-2, linear ‘frame’ (trading desks) - Static.

Model reference number: 5099-P0003-1282

Legacy-product™ Single Zone

Upgrade kit for Oscar-2 linear ‘frame’ (trading desks) - Height Adjustable.

Model reference number: 7099-P0003-3375

Legacy-product™ Single Zone

Linear ‘beam’ construction with high rise slat wall.

Model reference number: 6099-P0003-1779

Legacy-product™ Single Zone

Linear ‘beam / frame’ custom console constructions - Static.

Model reference number: BRUCE-FULL-ASSY-MAR-2010


Linear ‘frame’ console (with display column) - Static.

Model reference number: 6099-P0003-1894