A sampling of available S7secondary-components™ to complete selected workstation models per the customer’s requirements (pre-engineered and special developed solutions manufactured to order).

For factory direct: support@novalink.com.

Monitor Rack Features   click to expand
  1. Vertical posts, in lengths from 9” to 72”.
  2. D-ring for vertical post.
  3. Horizontal rails, in lengths from 46” to 70”.
  4. Monitor rack cable tray.
  5. Monitor arm assembly, 3 pivot, for up to a 32” monitor, with 2 x 8” extensions and tilter.
  6. Height adjustable vesa plate for monitor interface.
  7. Heavy duty monitor arm assembly, tandem 3 pivot, for up to a 49” monitor, with tandem 2 x 8” extensions, tilters and a monitor mounting plate that is brand and model specific.

Work Deck Features   click to expand
  1. Monolithic work deck.
  2. Clear overlay panel (1/4” polymer glass).
  3. Work deck cable tray(s) with flip up lids.
  4. Integrated switch panel (re KVM or other application, brand and model specific details).
  5. Utility desk top module with power outlets and USB.
  6. Desk identification plate (machined flush into the work deck).
  7. Slide out pencil tray.
  8. Slide out coffee cup tray (insulated SS cup included).
  9. Padded palm rest (adjustable).
  10. Slide out storage tray for key board & mouse.
  11. Lift system programmable control panel integrated with the work deck (alternate mounting points available).
  12. Rail mounted touch screen with lateral cable chain that is flush with the work deck.

Electrical Distribution Features   click to expand
  1. Monitor rack cable tray.
  2. Power module with 8 outlets (available in alternate configurations).
  3. Cable chain to monitor rack (5” x 2”) (available with optional factory installed video and data cables, to be Customer specified).
  4. Lower equipment cabinet.
  5. Main service power module 6 outlets (available with 15’ cord and a twist lock connector or as hardwired).
  6. D-rings as an internal cable riser.
  7. Lower cable trough and floor access area.
  8. Hard-wired junction box in quad and duplex sizes re American standard electrical fittings (available with British standard fittings).
  9. Power module with 6 outlets.
  10. Modular rack-mount equipment chassis (10U).
  11. Rack mounted patch panel, to be Customer specified.
  12. Rack mounted PDU, to be Customer specified.
  13. Cable chain to work deck (5” x 2” OD).
  14. Work deck cable tray.
  15. Utility module with 2 power outlets and 2 USB.

Lower Equipment Cabinet Features   click to expand
  1. Motorized monitor rack.
  2. Motorized work deck.
  3. Base bench structure as a lower equipment cabinet (shown without rear swing doors).
  4. Universal rack-mount equipment chassis (2U-vertical).
  5. CPU slide out tray (perpendicular 12” x 20”) (available in alternate sizes).
  6. Service access through the top.
  7. Ventilation for heat dissipation by natural convection.
  8. Cable chains (5” x 2” OD).
  9. Linear connecting module (available in alternate sizes and angles).
  10. Shared center pier as static or height adjustable (available with alternate return pier designs, end counters and specialized storage cabinets etc).
  11. Universal rack-mount equipment chassis (10U) horizontal (modular).
  12. Vertical cable column (secured to consoles) 4” x 8” x 10’ high (available in variable sizes).

Modular Storage Features   click to expand
  1. Personal-Effects pedestal with a programmable-multi user lock and retainers for bottled water etc’ (15” x 18” x 22.75”).
  2. Mobile BBF pedestal (15” x 18” x 22.75”) (shown with laminate fronts).
  3. Static FF pedestal (15” x 18” x 22.75”) (shown with laminate fronts).
  4. Extended mobile PF Return with a bookcase and cupboard (15” x 18” x 45”).
  5. Static PFF pedestal (15” wide x 18” deep x 29” high).
  6. Static PFF pedestal (30” wide x 18” deep x 29” high).
  7. *Note: Mobile and static pedestals, bookcases and cabinets can be produced in variable sizes and configurations.

Post Track Features   click to expand
  1. Post track.
  2. Single (1) tier telephone tray, with 4 pivot arm (8” extensions) on a 12” post and with a post track mount.
  3. Electrical user-utility module with 2 outlets and 2 USB on a post track mount.
  4. Single (1) tier monitor support assembly, with 3 pivot arm (8” for arm with a 5” extension) on a 12” post on a post track mount.
  5. Cable tray with 8 outlet power bar under flip up lids (on Single zone work deck).
  6. Cable tray with 8 outlet power bar under flip up lids (on Single zone work deck).
  7. LED task light mounted on the 2 tier monitor support assembly.
  8. Three (3) tier monitor support assembly, with 2 pivot arms on a 42” post.